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Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan
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      Mark has been a successful Prescott restaurant owner, and he has parlayed that success into his business brokerage specialty, bringing dozens of buyers and sellers together and helping them navigate transactions that are often complex. As these transactions often involve real estate, he has honed his skills in commercial real estate sales and leasing. His decades of experience in building and construction-related industries are the foundation of his practical knowledge.

      A Prescott resident since 1996, Mark is a former reporter and editor for the Prescott Daily Courier. This experience has gained him broad insight into the area’s business, political, and social trends.

      Mark can be reached by cell or text message at 928.899.5218
      , and by email at markduncan555(at)gmail(dotted)com

      Mark has helped me through numerous transactions buying and selling commercial properties and liquor licenses. He’s easy to communicate with and quick to point out aspects of a deal that are to my advantage or that may be causes for concern. Mark has the intelligence and integrity that I was looking for when I moved to Prescott. Best of all, he has the drive to apply those traits in every aspect of his business. He has become a trusted adviser in every transaction I do and always exceeds expectations.

      Joe Lohmeier

      Buying a business for the first time is scary, but Mark was there for me. He knew what it meant to me and my family. He did not steer me wrong.

      JJ McCormack

      Dear Matt Fish and Mark Duncan,
      Thank you so very much for your endless hard work on our real estate sale. You worked harder than any agents I have previously known to complete a difficult transaction. Our sale involved historic and agricultural properties that needed a special buyer, and the sale was further complicated by technical issues with the banks, the Town, easements, Town Meetings, title companies, home inspections, etc. Yet through it all you continued your positive and cheerful attitudes and friendly, professional demeanors. It was genuinely a pleasure to work with you throughout the years of difficulty, and you did find a cash buyer that closed the deal. We are happily retired now, and continue to thank you everyday for your years of patience and help with our real estate sale. We will definitely want to work with you again on any real estate sales we will have.

      Kit Hoult
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