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Commercial Real Estate Glossary



Total effective rent

The total dollar amount (cash flow) that the tenant actually will pay out over the entire period analyzed.

Total employment

The total number of actively employed people in the workforce within a given geographic area at a particular point in time.

Total existing inventory

In reference to commercial real state, it is existing and currently available supply or stock as represented by the total number of units or total amount of space available of a specific commercial property type in a given market at a particular point in time.

Total forecast supply

Total existing inventory plus forecast planned additional inventory minus forecast planned removed inventory for a specific commercial property type in a given market area.

Total supply of commercial real estate

Refers to all existing space vacant or occupied, built, forecasted, or demolished, for a particular market area for a specific period of time.


See tenant-paid tenant improvements.

Trade area

An area delineated about a central or dominant location, comprising a zone that is dependent upon production output from that location to meet internal demand, whose outermost boundaries are defined in terms of the presence or absence of interactions with that central or dominant location (for example, a localized area over which some specific activity or transaction takes place). Note that in central place theory context, the terms trade area and range are used interchangeably. Also see range.

Trade area gap analysis

A gap analysis performed on a specific trade area located within a predetermined market area or city.

Traffic generators

A business, retailer, or site that draws business to a given location (for example, a large retail store/anchor in a regional shopping mall that generates traffic for smaller retail shops located within the mall or nearby).

Transaction management process

A continuous, cyclical four-stage process in which a transaction manager is involved with qualifying, matching, closing, and adding value for clients. Also see qualify, match, close, and add value.

Transfer income

Money that is transferred to a local economy from outside sources without the exchange of any good or service (including social security, welfare and retirement benefits, interest dividends and rent on investments).


See time value of money.

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